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TITLE : Rationality From Ai To Zombies

Rationality from ai to zombies by eliezer yudkowsky a compilation of two years of daily blog posts on rationality originally posted on the overcoming bias and less wrong blogsdiese aktionen werden auf diesen artikel angewendet einige angebote knnen miteinander kombiniert werden andere nicht fr mehr details lesen sie bitte die nutzungsbedingungen der jeweiligen promotionwhew i have finally finished rationality from ai to zombies by eliezer yudkowsky which is a collection of his posts from overcomingbiascom and lesswrongcom organized in sequences sequences of posts on the same topicwhat does it actually mean to be rational not hollywood style rational where you forsake all human feeling to embrace cold hard logic real rationality of the sort studied by psychologists social scientists and mathematiciansrationality from ai to zombies crcrth650 home

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