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TITLE : Animal Welfare At Slaughter

Protecting animal welfare at slaughter is about minimising the pain distress or suffering of farmed animals at the time of killing staff at slaughterhouses must put a variety of procedures in placethe main objective of fawec is to produce educational resources on farm animal welfare and to run theoretical and practical training courses on dairy cattle and pig welfarethe welfare of production animals at slaughter is a major veterinary concern with debate on questions such as the degree of stunning required how sentient animals are of their surroundings slaughterhouse conditions and how quickly animals lose consciousness after having their throats cut in religious slaughter practicesread more about the danish rules and regulations concerning the slaughter and killing of animalsthe humane slaughter association the hsa is an independent registered charity it is the only uk charity concerned exclusively in promoting the humane treatment of all food animals worldwide including cattle sheep pigs poultry fish and minority species such as deer in markets during transport at slaughter and killing for welfare reasons and disease control

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