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TITLE : The Soil And Health A Study Of Organic Agriculture

Sir howard is truthfully the beginer of the organic movement if there is such a thing most important is his critical analysis of the begining of the industrial agriculture and its impact on our healthi remember many years ago in college that i was surprised by how much research is cyclical previous research is challenged by one generation and then rediscovered by the next generationin 1964 my wife tanya and i bought a rough and neglected little farm on which we intended to grow as much of our own food as we could my editor at the time was dan wickenden who was an organic gardener and whose father leonard wickenden had written a practical and inspiring bookgardening withduring his years as a scientist working for the british government in india sir albert howard conceived of and refined the principles of organic agricultureto ask other readers questions about the soil and health please sign up be the first to ask a question about the soil and health sir albert howard wrote on soil and health to sum up a lifetime of work and advocacy in favor of a type of agriculture which focuses on the health and the sustainability

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