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TITLE : Disability Rights And Wrongs

Buy disability rights and wrongs 1 by tom shakespeare isbn 9780415347198 from amazons book store everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orderspressestimmen disability rights and wrongs revisited is an enormously important book for anyone who wants to understand what disability studies has already achieved what it has failed to achieve and what it should aspire to achieve in the futureshakespeare t disability rights and wrongs 2006 abingdon routledge vii+232pp 1999 isbn 978 0 415 34719 8 pbk tom shakespeares book is a valuable contribution to the literature on the theory and practice of disability beginning with the cover it opens up a dialogue among disabilityover the last thirty years the field of disability studies has emerged from the political activism of disabled people in this challenging review of the field leading disability academic and activist tom shakespeare argues that the social model theory has reached a dead endtom shakepeare is an eminent and somewhat controversial contributor to disability studies as he outlines part of the explanation for his controversial status within that field stems from his engagement with disciplines outside it including genetics and bioethics

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