Hammer of Thor How do you combat sexual impotence?

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With Hammer of Thor, forget about the problem!

It is a product made from five natural components. It acts to treat problems that are associated with erectile dysfunction such as problems in arousal, premature ejaculation and weak erections.

Its function is based on the four main factors for better sexual desire and performance: sufficient testosterone, stable dopamine, fluid blood flow and leveled phosphodiesterase.

These factors must be appropriate to their proper functioning for sexual arousal, pleasure and potent erections.

It is a formula that contains powerful aphrodisiac ingredients:

Maca. Increases sexual potency.

Ginseng. Stimulates erection and blood flow.

Guarana. Increases sexual desire.

Sarsaparilla. Increases testosterone level.

Sulphur. Provides minerals and oils that improve the practice of sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse will be longer.

Erections will last longer.

You will experience a more potent orgasm.

Hammer of Thor may also work for women, although use is indicated for men, women may use the product. It is recommended that you share half as much as you do for your partner.

Sexual intercourse will last longer.

You’ll get a stronger and more powerful orgasm.

You will regain your confidence at 100% by being prepared for any moment of sexual intercourse.

As mentioned above, its components are completely natural. They do not present any damage or risk to health or side effects.

It is recommended to take one tablespoon about 30 to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse occurs.

It has a bitter taste, but it is worth trying because the benefits justify the taste produced by combining the ingredients.

With a super discount, the previous price was 98 euros, the current price is only 49 euros.


The manufacturer only has authorized the sale on its website, it is not possible to find it in online stores such as amazon, pharmacies, or some other Internet site. Avoid becoming a victim of a scam and order your product only in the right place.


Unfortunately, problems related to male erectile dysfunction are very common. According to statistics on the subject, every day specialists receive visits about concerned men looking for a solution to everything, incredibly not always surpassed and get the best results, fortunately with Hammer of Thor everything is possible. This formula is able to act effectively in the longest possible time.

These are the existing statistics for 2016 and so far 2017:

For men between the ages of 17 and 30,10% of them experience erectile dysfunction problems.

For men between the ages of 31 and 70,50% experience erectile dysfunction problems.

Given these figures we can see that the problem is more common than we might think, the life that is currently lived varies for each person according to their lifestyles. Because of work, family, school, social life, etc., one experiences a lot of stress that directly affects the sexual development of each man, the truth is that this reason has a profound impact and gives a great effect to this development of men, also nutrition and other factors are causes to be taken into account.

Hammer of Thor’s formula is designed to attack every factor of affectation, the consumption of the composition acts as a natural process, after proving that the results are true and positive, you and your partner will be ready for a new stage in your sex life, you will be part of a new development and at all times will be happy. Many of your concerns will be gone.

Also, no one will have to know that you are interested in a solution for treating erectile dysfunction. It is not necessary to visit a doctor or have a prescription for the product, just request on the website is enough, the order and delivery of the package are part of a very discreet system. The truth is, there’s no excuse to end your problem. Hammer of Thor gives you the opportunity you’ve always been waiting for, just follow the directions correctly and you’ll get the benefits right.

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