Garcinia Cambodia: what is it and its benefits


Garcinia Gambogia, which in the last few decades has become a scientifically acclaimed plant for its slimming properties, is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia belonging to the Clusiaceae family. The active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is contained in the skin of this plant, has a fat-burning action and is therefore suitable for those who want to lose weight.

Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is similar to citric acid. Normally carbohydrates and sugars consumed through food are transformed into fats, the HCA would be able to stop this mechanism, as it is able to transform calories into glycogen, which the body uses as a kind of fuel to be spent immediately. The hypothalamus, which plays an essential role in regulating the centers of hunger and satiety, interrupts the feeling of hunger in case of high sugar levels, sending signals of satiety to the body. Garcinia would also be able to moderate the feeling of hunger by regulating cortisol levels, i. e. the stress hormone, and increasing those of serotonin, the hormone of good mood.

In recent years, many studies have been carried out on Garcinia, which have demonstrated its slimming properties. In particular, in 2013, research conducted by the Department of Nutrition of the University of California, USA, evaluated Garcina Cambodia as an effective supplement to combat obesity. The research looked at 100 volunteers, half of whom took a treatment based on a Garcinia-based phytotherapeutic supplement for 8 weeks, while the remaining half were given a placebo. At the end of the treatment, the people who took Garcinia’s phytotherapeutic supplement showed a reduction in the body mass index (BMI), a reduction in waist and hip circumference and an improvement in mood tone.

In short, the study found that Garcinia has two combined effects, as it can be considered both effective in controlling hunger stimulation and as an adjuvant supplement in a low-calorie diet to combat obesity.

On the other hand, with regard to indications for the purchase of this product, it is essential that at least 50% of the active substance is present. Garcina can be taken with capsules once or twice daily in water. In order to have an effect, it must be associated with an equilbrate diet and physical activity.

The product should not be used by pregnant women and patients with type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus, as it can lower blood sugar levels.

Basically these are the most complete supplements on the market: Garcinia Cambogia Complex, Garcina Cambodia Pura and Garcinia Gambogia + Toxi Clenas.

Garcinia Cambodia Complex diminishes appetite and is also a powerful fat burn. To obtain the results, it must be taken consistently for at least 3 months without interruption. Just take two capsules a day, one in the morning before breakfast and another before lunch.

Garcinia Gambogia Pura contains only the extract of Garcinia gambogia, therefore it serves to prevent hunger but does not have the effect of burning fat or accelerating metabolism, as in the case of the first supplement we have suggested. It is recommended to take three capsules a day for an uninterrupted treatment lasting 3-5 months.

Garcinia Cambogia + Toxi Clenas uses the combined effect of two slimming products. In practice, this product is used to burn fat, reduce appetite and improve mood. These are effects attributable to garcinia, to which is added the purifying and detoxifying action (Detox).

But where to buy Garcinia Cambodia? There are two solutions: in pharmacies or herbal medicine, but at a slightly higher price or directly online on safe and specialized websites. Our advice is to choose the second option, i. e. buying online using specific sites such as this one, which guarantee an excellent price for the purchase of multiple packages. We look forward to your reviews, they will be very useful for all our readers!


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