Collamask (Face Mask) Anti-wrinkle: Does it really work? Reviews, opinions and where to buy it

CollaMask (Face Mask) is the revolutionary face mask based on collagen and blue mud, used in the field of cosmetics by millions of women to fight wrinkles and above all is the number one ally against aging and hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Many women are unable to accept the signs of time and over the years the skin begins to show the first signs of elasticity and consistency, so much so that it is induced to resort to cosmetic surgery and injections of acid, treatments that are often harmful and harmful to health.

In addition to repairing the skin over time, the GlueMask cream is effective against premature aging and dryness of the skin, giving a lifting effect.

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The GlulaMask anti-wrinkle mask is a cream in a 75 ml tube.  The Mask FaceMask Glue Anti-wrinkle Cream contains only natural ingredients that are not harmful to skin health.

There are no ingredients inside the CollaMask cream that are harmful to the skin’s health and for this reason we do not find parabens, colouring agents or vaseline. The cream, composed of certified ingredients, allows you to use it on all skin types, giving intense nourishment and moisturizing all layers of the skin, ensuring a smooth effect and over time you will notice that the wrinkles will begin to absorb.

The FaceMask face mask is characterized by natural ingredients and within each tube there is no trace of paraffins, alcohol, oils or animal derivatives. The CollaMask mask will give the skin a moisturizing effect without irritating it.

The following ingredients are found inside each 75 ml glue Mask cream tube:

The CollaMask anti-wrinkle mask should be applied three times a week to the face only as indicated on the packaging and not with DIY methods.

The mask should be applied in this mode:

Applying the mask to the face will moisturize the skin, helping to prevent dehydration. According to the manufacturer of the product, women who used the CollaMask FaceMask mask noticed the first improvements after two weeks of daily treatment.

The Collamask face mask, after having passed several clinical trials (no animal testing), has no contraindications or side effects on the skin or person using it. The cream can only be used on all skin types as indicated on the packaging and not with DIY methods or applications.

Collamask does not contain chemicals and is composed of natural ingredients. It is not recommended to use the mask in case of allergies known to individual components present inside it.

Caution: keep the product out of reach of children, in case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water, do not ingest and after opening the product consume it within six months.

Below are some reviews found on the forums of people who have used CollaMask anti-wrinkle and left their testimony after using the product through a personal review of their experience:

Fabrizia Uretti, 28 years old: behaved because I have a very dry skin and despite using so many creams I have never solved anything. I’m at the second week of treatment and I start to see some improvement on my face. The skin looks more moisturized and soft.

Tonia Torelli, 47 years old: I tried various masks but this besides having more product inside and inferire price is very fragrant and soft on the skin. I apply it twice a week, especially close to the eye contour where I have wrinkles.

Teresa Iacobelli, 33 years old: I was contacted by phone before the purchase where the operator explained the product. Package received one week after the order, but for personal problems I could not collect it. I placed a second order and received it with the same timing. I made the first application noting that the cream is very dense and not very fragrant.

The anti-wrinkle mask CollaMask Face Mask original product, is not available for purchase in pharmacy, parapharmacy, cosmetics shops or on sites such as Amazon, ebay and the like. The original Collamask original product is only on sale on the official seller’s website at a price of 39€ with 50% discount.

Buying the Glue Mask anti-wrinkle mask is very simple and sufficient:


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